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Commander's Message 9-10-2014

Sons of TheAmerican Legion
Detachment of Texas
Thom Skelley

Thom Skelley Commander
Thom Skelley
El Paso Squadron 598

First and foremost I would like to thank all of you for your hard work so far. The Detachment of Texas has met and exceeded its’ 10% membership goal by 09/10/2014. GREAT JOB!!!!

One thing could not be more true, it starts with you. Our Squadron, District and Division Commanders are making the phone calls, sending the emails and visiting the Squadrons to make sure membership is being transmitted. As you should know, our next target date is October 8th, where our goal is 25%, roughly 1550 members. This happens to coincide with the first National Executive Conference, and I KNOW that Texas will be among the Detachments that has reached their goal.

Don’t put off until tomorrow what we can get done today. Once we take our eyes off of the prize, it is sometimes hard to refocus.

Get that membership in. If you are struggling or running into resistance, CALL SOMEBODY! We all need to have each other’s backs. Some of us our better at fund raising, some are better at getting membership, some are better at motivational speaking while others are better at doing paper work, but only by working together and having P.R.I.D.E. will we surpass expectations.

WE are in this together; WE are the Sons of The American Legion; WE are the Detachment of Texas!!!

For God and Country,
Thom Skelley
State Commander
Sons of The American Legion
Detachment of Texas


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